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The Natural Elixirs Group comprises operating companies within healthcare, machinery, organics, agriculture, marketing & investment spanning 7 countries. We are a Malaysian vanguard in Natural Therapies with an extensive sales network encompassing 24 countries across 3 continents. Domestically, our market presence optimises strategically selected local distribution partners securing comprehensive access to over 1,500 outlets throughout West and East Malaysia within the medical industry, pharmacy franchises and independent pharmacy chains. We employ over 250 people worldwide and recorded revenue exceeding RM100 million in 2013-2014 with 87% stemming from outside Malaysia.

pharmaceutical Each subsidiary operates independently and strives for global leadership in its respective business segment. However, the network represents a catalytic chain leading towards our vision in becoming a full-fledged public-listed, pharmaceutical company by 2017. pharmaceutical
Operating Companies within healthcare, machinery, organics, agriculture, marketing, investment
The Group’s core is in natural healthcare and we are committed to adhering to strong values and business ethics to serve the global community, promote natural living and eco sustainability. Our companies and affiliates are ingrained with the same ethos bearing crucial significance in every facet of our structure.
Subsidiaries & Joint Ventures Customer Base Spanning 24 Countries

Steeped in Tradition

Our Roots

Natural Elixirs Sdn. Bhd.
Natural Elixirs Sdn. Bhd. was a pioneer company founded in 2007; specialising in R&D of local plant-based remedies and developing existing traditional formulations into alternatives to chemical-based medicines. These plant-based curative alternatives propelled our ascension into the niche herbal and wellness segment leading to sole distributorship for the German-based Dr. Förster brand. Dr. Förster GmbH is a pillar of natural healthcare for OTC Medicines, Food Supplements and Personal Care in Europe since 1927. Successful subsequent additions including functional teas, sports nutrition and organic segments led to the vision of combining innovation, expertise and resources to create a hub for natural healthcare.
plant-based curative alternatives propelled our ascension into the niche herbal and wellness segment
pharmaceutical Expanding into organic farming, pharmaceutical machinery and food packaging machinery and customisation was a natural step of progression towards becoming a literal one-stop hub for healthcare. Our capital investment arm, Natural Elixirs Ltd., is the embodiment of our business model and an essential cornerstone of our global structure. With this vision in mind and a diverse brand portfolio, the Natural Elixirs Group was formed.
R&D The transitional stages from an R&D company into a global group reflects our exponential growth with a business model based on placing values first and staying true to our roots. Our belief in the power of plants and eco-friendly, sustainable practices have never wavered and remain the fundamental ideology connecting our joint venture affiliates with our group. Running the gamut from eco bio manufacturing and innovative water treatment solutions to pharmaceutical machinery and organic farming, our affiliations and subsidiaries represent the symbiotic nature of Natural Elixirs Group.
Bridging Sustainability & Innovation Combining innovation, expertise and resources to create a hub for natural healthcare
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