Clarity in Charity

In a landmark step towards achieving our vision to create a better future for our children, NESB Group Chairman Kenneth Fernandez joined forces with the Hii Chi Kok Foundation; a charitable organisation founded by businessman and philanthropist, Tan Sri Clement Hii.

The collaboration will see the establishment of additional living space for homeless children in the form of two bungalow units owned by Mr Kenneth Fernandez which will be fully utilised to give needy children a home, an education and ultimately, a better future.

Inspired by this wonderful news, Mr. Tay Cheow Hung shared a beautifully crafted poem capturing the essence of this momentous step and celebrating the goodwill of everyone involved in making this vision a reality :

From Tan Sri Clement Hii’s Facebook Page

“Most people are blessed,
In one way and another,
With surpluses and excesses,
Compared with one and another;

Our surpluses and excesses,
On our sand and land,
To care and share,
May be different in our hands;

Some are willing to give,
Back to where they used to be there,
Some are just willing to take,
From where they have been there;

We're to understand give and take,
Fundamentally rooted in humanity,
We just can't leave and partake,
Individually footed in selfish mentality;

We're to comprehend prosperity, Sincerely shared in totality,
We just can't apprehend luxury,
Collectively looted in cherish locality;


We need clarity in charity,
Tainted no with glamour and hammer,
Clarity can only find charity,
If we've our noble heart and gut;

We need too charity in clarity,
Painted no with hypocrisy and autocracy,
Charity can only find clarity,
If we've our part and start.

When charity starts to lose her clarity,
Beauty is then of artificiality,
We’ll not find authenticity,
As all serve for superficiality;

When clarity starts to pose her charity,
Simplicity is then of honesty,
We’ll find integrity,
As all serve humbly for humanity.”

*Courtesy of Mr. Justin Tay Cheow Hung

Learn more about the Hii Chi Kok Foundation at :


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Values

We at NE Group truly believe in being actively involved in social responsibility for better living. We are strongly committed in providing assistance to the less fortunate and are currently working towards nurturing childcare centres with sufficient books, uniforms and teaching support, giving these children a chance for a better future and to become the leaders of tomorrow. NESB practices the policy of giving and our team will continue to support charitable causes to provide better living for the underprivileged.

Leo Club Joint Installation 2012

18th August 2012
"Inspiring Minds,
Empowering Lives"


18th August 2012
"Inspiring Minds,
Empowering Lives"
In Support of Leo Clubs Joint Installation 2012.
  • LEO Club of City West (O)
  • Omega LEO Club of Damansara
  • LEO Club of SMK Datok Lokman
  • LEO Club of SMK Kepong

In conjunction with the Leo Club Joint Installation 2012, Natural Elixirs Sdn. Bhd showed its support for the growth and wellbeing of the Malaysian youth community. The development and empowerment of youth as potential leaders of tomorrow is crucial to the growth of the nation and to secure the nation's future. For the event, NESB sponsored 150 bottles of Clean Hands, our premium hand sanitizer and representatives were on hand to witness this occasion.

Giving Back

Clean the beaches, Save the Environment – participated by our Directors.

Provided sponsorship for an orphanage program and fund-raising charity dinner. Organised by the Rotary Club Klang, this event was held to raise funds to set up a halfway home for abused women.

A Buka Puasa / Break Fast open house event was held at NESB's main office during the month of Ramadan to commemorate the holy month for Muslims. The theme was to show appreciation to citizens who serve and protect the society and to remember those who are less fortunate. Children from local orphanages as well as members of the Royal Malaysian Police Force from stations in the vicinity joined the festivities and added more cheer to the special evening.

Date: 14th of August, 2012
Location: NE Group Main Office